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CHSS Student Success Newsletter October 2018

Welcome to the October issue of the REACH Student Success newsletter! This month, CHSS and MSE are hosting a Major Mixer. Come meet our faculty and learn about CHSS majors: Wednesday, 10/17, 11:00-1:00 in SRC 204. Come get to know your school: we’ll have free drinks and tacos, too!

The Quickest Way to Graduation: #15toFinish

Earning fifteen credit hours a semester or 30 a year helps you get closer to graduation and your goals. Can you add one more class to your spring schedule?

Registration for spring classes and winter intersession starts on 10/15. See your School Advisor, Erin Radcliffe, to start building your Spring 2019 schedule and to get your #15toFinish!


Successful students REACH: they are Resilient, Empowered, Accountable, Curious, and Hopeful.

Empowered students are confident and advocate for themselves. Your instructor’s office hours are a great place to start asking questions and building relationships. Office hours can be face-to-face or online, and you don’t need an appointment to stop by. Check your syllabus or with your instructor for the times and locations of their office hours. Consider checking in by midterm.

Workplace 2020: Next-Level Skills for the Employee of the Future

Workplace 2020: Next-Level Skills for the Employee of the Future

The World Economic Forum’s most recent “Top 10 Skills” list for the most desirable qualities in the employees of the future moved creativity up from #10 to #3. CHSS courses teach creativity across a number of disciplines and fields. Look for spring classes that will develop and enhance your creativity!

New Programs and Certificates in CHSS

CNM Foundation Scholarships for CHSS Students

The CNM Foundation offers a number of scholarships for CHSS students, including the Boye Foundation Success Award, the Lockwood Memorial Scholarship, and the Ernest Garcia Emerging Artist Scholarship. Check the CNM Foundation Scholarship page for eligibility guidelines and deadlines.

Need to take a class for a third time?

Need to Take a Class for a Third Time?

If you’re retaking a CNM class for a third time in the spring, you’ll need to fill out a course repeat request before you can register. Course repeat request forms will be available on the CNM Web site between 10/8 and 12/18.

CNM Vocabulary

CNM Vocabulary

Course Repeat Limit: CNM limits the number of times students can register on their own for classes they’ve already taken. If you’ll be attempting a course for a third time this spring, be sure to submit a course repeat request online as soon as they open on 10/8.

Full-Time Status: Students are considered full-time when they have a schedule of 12 credit hours or more, and part-time when they take fewer than 12 credit hours. Studies show, though, that students who take 15 or more credits per semester or 30 a year graduate and move toward their goals more quickly. Even going full-time for just one semester makes a difference.

Save the Date: CHSS Events, Dates and Deadlines

Save the Date: CHSS Events, Dates and Deadlines

October 10 - Course repeat requests for Spring 2019 open
October 15 - Spring registration starts
October 17 - CHSS/MSE Major Mixer, 11:00-1:00, SRC 204
October 19 - Boye CHSS Success Scholarship due
October 29 - Transfer Workshop for ECME and Teacher Education Students, 4:00-5:30 PM in JS 308

Ruby Encinas

From Your School Achievement Coach

Hi my name is Ruby Encinas. I am the Achievement Coach for the School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences. I work with students on setting and completing goals, repairing their academic standing, course repeat requests and if they are facing academic or life challenge that is impeding their academic success. To schedule an appointment please email me at rubye@cnm.edu.

Ruby Encinias
Achievement Coach
SSC 204, Main Campus

Erin Radcliffe

From Your School Advisor

My name is Erin Radcliffe. I've been CHSS's School Advisor since October 2016 and a CNM English instructor since 2008. Please make an appointment to see me for help getting your #15toFinish, with course and degree-planning, as well as for tips for your transfer to a four-year institution. Have a great fall term!

Erin Radcliffe
School Advisor
SSC 204, Main Campus,
Fall Walk-In Advisement Hours:
Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30 and Thursdays, 1:30-5:00

Central New Mexico Community College

Central New Mexico Community College

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Call us: 505-224-3000

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