Mailer Adapter

Use the mailer adapter to send form submissions to an email address.

The Mailer component to your form is automatically generated upon its creation (go to Contents from the side menu when viewing your form to see and edit it).

mailer in contents view.png

You can also add a Mailer to your form from the side menu via Add new... --> Mailer Adapter. The Mailer and Mailer Adapter are the same thing. 

The Mailer may seem complicated, but its function is very basic. This is the setting on your form where you set up where the form will go, once the user submits it. The three menu tabs on the screenshot below (Default, Addressing, Message) give you options for where the submitted form data will go, and what will appear in the email body.

Experiment with this: set up your own email as the Recipient address, input some content in the message fields, and then test it by submitting the form to yourself. 

edit mailer adapter.png