Editable Areas

Review the areas you have access to as a contributor.

You have the ability to make changes to the areas inside of the green boxes.

Screen capture of General Honors Program web page

Header & Footer

Everything above and below the green boxes is part of the overall template of the website. The layout and design of the site is based on user studies and analytics.

Left Navigation

The list of items in the left green box is automatically generated based on the folder, or the pages within that folder, that you select. You can make changes to the item names by updating the title of the specific page or folder. 

Main Content

The larger green box is the main content area of your page. You can make changes to the main content area by editing the title, description, or body text.

Program Landing Page Main Content

The new program landing page layout and design is based on user studies and analytics. These pages are designed to encourage students to sign up for the program.

If you are a contributor to a program landing page that has migrated to our new program landing page, you have the ability to update the main content in the green box. Contact us if you need to update content elsewhere. You can also create new pages within your folder and link them from the Program Landing Page Main Content area.

Upcoming Events & Calendar

You can submit a CNM student event to show up on the homepage and on the CNM Calendar.