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If the CNM District is impacted by snow or other weather that can make travel dangerous, CNM may close or enact delays for the campuses that are affected by winter conditions while keeping other campuses open that are not significantly affected by winter conditions.  This helps CNM ensure that it fulfills the course and program requirements of accrediting bodies that can be negatively affected when numerous classes don’t take place due to weather.

For example, if Rio Rancho is experiencing inclement winter weather, but Albuquerque is not, then the Rio Rancho Campus and AMREP facility may close or be on a delay while all other campuses stay on their normal schedule (Rio Rancho Campus and AMREP will always operate on the same schedule). If winter weather is only affecting the far Northeast Heights, for example, the Montoya Campus may close while all other campuses stay on their normal schedule.  If the majority of the CNM District is being affected by winter weather, then all campuses may be closed or operate on an abbreviated schedule.