Lower-Division General Education Common Core

Area I: Communications (select 9 credit hours)
(a) College-Level English Composition 3-4 hours
(b) College-Level Writing (a second course building on the above 3 hours
(c) Oral Communication 3 hours
Area II: Mathematics (select 3 credit hours)
(a) College Algebra 3 hours
(b) Calculus 3 hours
(c) Other College-Level Mathematics 3 hours
Area III: Laboratory Science (select 8 credit hours)
(a) General Biology, with laboratory 4-8 hours
(b) General Chemistry, with laboratory 4-8 hours
(c) General Physics, with laboratory 4-8 hours
(d) Geology/Earth Science, with laboratory 4-8 hours
(e) Astronomy, with laboratory 4-8 hours
Area IV: Social/Behavioral Sciences (select 6–9 credit hours)
(a) Economics (macro- or micro-) 3 hours
(b) Introductory Political Science 3 hours
(c) Introductory Psychology 3 hours
(d) Introductory Sociology 3 hours
(e) Introductory Anthropology 3 hours
Area V: Humanities and Fine Arts (select 6–9 credit hours)
(a) Introductory History Survey 3 hours
(b) Introductory Philosophy 3 hours
(c) Introductory Course in History, Theory, or Aesthetics of the Arts or Literature 3 hours
Total to be selected
35 semester hours