Re-Entry Resources Center at CNM

The Re-entry Resources Center (RRC) at CNM is specifically designed for students with a criminal record.

RRC Student Qualifications

  • Enrollment in the Adult Basic Education /High School Equivalency program, or any Associate/Certificate program, and
  • a current or former client of the criminal justice system

Work for the RRC

Student employment opportunities are available. See what the RRC has to offer.

About the RCC

RRC logo

In partnership with the NM Courts, Probation/Parole, local community employers, and the NM Higher Education Department, CNM has designed a place for students who are, or have been, clients of the criminal justice system.

The RRC provides:

  • Access to a Peer Mentor and an RRC Intern — current CNM students who share similar experiences as clients of the criminal justice system while successfully working on completing their studies at CNM. Their purpose is to provide guidance and support, share knowledge, and offer access to resources and networking opportunities with CNM staff, faculty and students.
  • A comfortable learning environment that includes desktop computers with printing capabilities.
  • Tutoring services from supportive faculty and/or staff.
  • The ability to schedule a private room for participating Probation and Parole representatives to meet with a CNM student, as mandated.
  • Schedules for mandated Court conditions such as DUI Court or Victim Impact Panels, conveniently held on CNM's campus for CNM students required to attend.
  • RRC and NM Court partnerships that may provide students whom are holding misdemeanor warrants to have their case referred and warrant canceled.

During your first visit to the RRC, we’ll gather some basic information about you. This information will be used to keep you updated and allows your Peer Mentor or other RRC staff to offer support throughout your studies at CNM.

Please Note: The physical location of the RRC is coming soon, but the program is currently running. To access its services, email and make an appointment.