Credit for Prior Learning- Online College Students

CPL options for students in the CNM Online College and information for Employers of Students in the CNM Online College

At Central New Mexico Community College we recognize that students are a diverse group with different experiences. Many of our students have gained knowledge outside of the traditional classroom that may be equivalent to college credit. Our Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) process is a student-driven pathway that allows the student to pursue their desired educational credential without duplication of courses or loss of potential credit.

The first step online college students should take is to determine if there is already a CPL option for the course(s) in their program. To see the options, students should visit the Credit for Standardized Exams, Credit for Industry Certifications and Licensures, and Credit for Military Training. Online college CPL options for challenge exams and portfolios are COMING SOON!

Ways to Earn Equivalent Course Credit



Pass It

Register for a standardized exam (price varies) see the CPL Credit for Standardized Exams for standardized exams that are routinely accepted for credit at CNM. Submit documentation of passing the exam to CNM Enrollment Services.



Provide It

Visit CNM CPL Webpage to browse the courses/programs accepting industry certification,  licensures, employer  training, military training, and download/complete the CPL form(s), for course equivalent credit.

Pay $25 fee on the CPL Store. Submit a copy of your receipt, with copy of your Government Issued ID , completed/signed CPL form, and  any of the following documentation as stated on the relevant CPL form to Enrollment Services:

· Military training transcripts,

· Copy of current, valid industry certifications or licenses,

· Documentation of completed/passed employer trainings

Employers with A.C.E. evaluated training materials should contact CNM CPL Coordinator for course equivalency options. CPL coordinator will contact relevant School Deans for course equivalency approval. Before CNM can post the employer training opportunity online, the CPL coordinator must receive a copy of the employer’s certificate of completion or training transcripts that can be used for student documentation verification (est. time to online option for students 6 weeks)

Employers without A.C.E.  evaluated training should contact the CNM CPL coordinator to submit training materials and an example copy of the employer’s certificate of completion or training transcript. Training materials and an example copy of the employer’s certificate of completion or training transcripts must be submitted to the CPL Coordinator prior to School evaluation for course credit. (est. time from request to decision 6 weeks; time to online option for students 2 weeks)