Credit for Prior Learning

Save time and money on your degree by earning credit for your prior learning

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If you have received training or performed related work experience, you may qualify for credits at CNM.

Contact an academic coach or call the Records Office at (505) 224-3160 for more information.

CNM recognizes that students enter college from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, some of which may involve the equivalent of college-level learning. CNM is committed to providing new paths for students so that they can proceed with their pursuit of an educational credential without duplication of courses or loss of potential credit.

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL), also known as Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), describes several methods used by CNM to assess college-level learning that a student obtained outside of the Institution.

CNM’s CPL Program strives for an appropriate balance of consistency, flexibility, rigor, and academic program integrity and uses a course-equivalency model to determine the award of credit.

Quick Reference Guide

CPL Quick Reference Document Download

Credit for Prior Learning Options

There are three ways for you to show us that your knowledge is college-level in order to earn credit towards your program: Pass it, Provide it, or Prove it.

Pass It:

Provide It:

Prove It:

  • Build a portfolio of your experiential learning and submit it for Portfolio Assessment - coming soon!

Student CPL Handbook

Please see the CNM Student CPL Handbook for additional details on requesting credit towards your program.

CPL Quick Reference Guide

Are you still unsure which method is appropriate for you? Check out the CNM CPL Quick Reference Guide

Credit for Prior Learning Policy

To find out more about credit for prior learning at CNM, see the CPL Policy.