Frequently Asked Questions


Who can use your services?

Services are available for currently enrolled students and graduates. If you are not currently a student or a graduate, you may visit the Department of Workforce Solutions, 501 Mountain Rd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87103 or call (505) 843-1900.

Where are you located?  Do you have offices at all the other campuses?

Job Connection Services is located at Main Campus, Student Services Center, first floor, room #108.

Job Connection Services is located only at Main Campus in the SSC room #108.  Career Services are currently not offered at other campuses. 

Do I have to have an appointment?

Most of our services are provided on a walk-in basis. Business that can be taken care of through a walk-in include: proofreading/editing résumés, cover letters, thank you letters or other such documents, assistance with job searching, use of the computer lab (when computers are available), and assistance setting up a Hire a Suncat account.

If you are interested in a practice interview, we ask that you make an appointment and allot approximately an hour for the practice interview.

I need a job can you help me with that?

At Job Connection Services, we help with all the tools you may need to conduct a job search.  We provide an exclusive job search database for current students and graduates called Hire a Suncat. We can assist you with setting up your Hire a Suncat account and navigating the site. We can also provide additional information on how to search for jobs and other job search websites.   

Can you help me create a Résumé? Cover Letter? Other documents?

Yes, we can assist you in the creation of a new résumé/cover letter or help you update existing documents. We can also help you with thank you letters to employers, reference pages, and proofreading job applications.

I have an upcoming interview. Do you help with interviewing?

Yes, we can assist you with preparing for an interview by doing what is called a practice, or mock, interview. We ask that you make an appointment for the practice interview and let us know what type of position you will be interviewing for. The practice interview will take approximately an hour and you will be asked a series of interview questions, usually tailored to your needs, then be given feedback/coaching on your responses, professional image and presence.  

To schedule your practice interview, please call 224-3060 or stop by Job Connection Services in SSC #108.


How can I schedule a workshop for my students?

We offer in-class presentations where we can go to your class and present one of our workshops. We ask that you send in your request form for an in-class presentation at least two weeks prior to when you would like us to present.

Can I bring my students to the JCS department so you can explain your services?

If you would like to schedule a tour of the Job Connection Services area, please fill out the request form and email it to or return it by inter-office mail to Job Connection Services, SSC #108. We ask for a minimum of a week advance notice. A tour of JCS will take approximately 10-15 minutes. We will talk with your class about the services JCS provides and students will have to opportunity to meet with the Job Connection Services Team.  


Why can’t I open my account?   

Employers receive a computer generated password within 24 hours of their registration being approved but can call 224-3077 and request a password be established immediately if they prefer not to wait.  Selecting “Register and Post Job Now” will allow new employers to post their job opportunity at the same time that they register their firm so waiting for the password is not an issue.

Why am I unable to edit my job posting? 

Once your job posting has been approved by JCS staff, you cannot make changes in the document but you can call (505) 224-3077 and request changes be made. For more extensive changes, you can click on “View Job Postings” under Shortcuts on your Hire a Suncat home page and click the “Deactivate” box to the far right of the job title.  Re-open the information as a new posting which will allow you to make changes. If you select “Show Archived” when beginning a New Posting, the drop down menu will show you all the archived positions in your account and selecting a previous posting will auto-populate the new posting form.  From here you can make changes and resubmit the opportunity.

How can my company and our opportunities become more visible on campus? 

Job Connection Services hosts a FREE Monthly On-Campus Recruitment Event that will allow your firm’s recruiters to have crucial face-to-face contact with job seekers and allow them to identify and speak to strong candidates. JCS requires at least 10 days advance notice to advertise and promote your visit to the student/graduate population through the Alumni and Student Newsletters, College Calendar and emails. To register, fill out this form and return to Job Connection Services,

Monthly On-Campus Recruitment Event Registration Form

Can CNM faculty recommend just two or three of your best students for my position? 

Central New Mexico Community College does not encourage faculty to promote job opportunities to students until the position has been posted on the college’s online job database. This is to protect faculty and employers from unanticipated pitfalls resulting from not ensuring a “fair and equitable recruiting process.”  Students viewing the job posting will self- screen on the basis of the qualifications requested. You might consider asking your finalists being brought in to interview to provide letters of reference from faculty or request that at least one faculty member be provided as a reference so that you can obtain faculty recommendations.  

 What can I do to write job postings that attract the best candidates?

You don’t pick talent. Talent picks you. It’s a candidate’s marketplace, with more job opportunities and greater competition for highly-skilled talent.

To get candidates in the door, you need to write powerful job descriptions that outline the opportunity, stand apart from the competition, and motivate the right people to apply.  Take time to list the company benefits.  You will receive more applicants if you give the salary range; from the basic entry level to what you would pay a candidate with experience.

Play it straight with the job title

Be Conversational 

Stick with standard job titles and common, search-friendly keywords

Keep it punchy, direct and friendly