CNM Online - Pearson Accelerated Pathways Partnership

As the newest addition to Central New Mexico Community College, CNM Online is launching via a partnership with Pearson Accelerated Pathways.

The partnership begins in Fall 2018 with the online Certificate of Hospitality and Tourism and Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts, and is designed for employees at major national employers to increase their skills, responsibilities and wages while leveraging employer benefits programs.

Interested in the program? Need more information on how it works?

Visit your employer benefits / HR portal or contact a Pearson Accelerated Pathways Advisor at (877) 406-1455 for information on program requirements and how to apply.

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About the Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism

The Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism is an accredited business program that provides the foundational coursework for hospitality management.

In addition, students will study hospitality operations, marketing, event planning, food safety and food production. Organizational behavior, human resources, leadership and management skills will be developed and applied in theory and lab settings.

About the Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts

The Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts is designed for students to complete the first two years of college transfer work for a four-year university degree.

CNM Online’s Liberal Arts degree includes the following classes to complete all degree requirements. Classes are subject to change.
  • BIO 1010/BIO 1092, Biology for Non-Majors/ Lab
  • COMM 2221, Interpersonal Communication Studies
  • COMM 2225, Small Group Communication Studies
  • CST 1150, Introduction to Cultural Studies
  • ECON 2200, Macroeconomics
  • ENG 1101, College Writing
  • ENG 1102, Analytic and Argumentative Writing
  • ENG 2219, Technical Writing
  • GEOG 1101/GEOG 1192 lab, Physical Geography/ Lab
  • HIST 1162, United States History
  • IT 1010, Fundamentals of Information Literacy and Systems
  • MATH 1330, Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  • PHIL 1156, Logic and Critical Thinking
  • PSY 1105, Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY 2220, Developmental Psychology
  • SOC 1101, Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC 2211, Social Problems
  • SPAN 1101, Beginning Spanish
  • THEA 1122, Theatre Appreciation