Repeating Course Processing

When a student has completed a course two or more times, each course enrollment and all grades will appear on the student's transcript. Only the higher grade will be used to calculate the GPA.

This policy applies to courses with identical course abbreviations and numbers except for the following: topics, problems, internship and cooperative education courses and when course abbreviations and numbers change as a result of new programs and/or program revisions. It does not affect any courses taken prior to Fall 1991.

Repeating a course more than two times requires specific permission by the School offering that course. The permission process varies from one School to the next. Repeat permission may be requested only during specific times each term.

To initiate the course repeat request visit the Course Repeat Process page.

Note: Certain forms of financial aid will not provide assistance to students who repeat courses previously completed successfully. Compliance with such regulations is the student's responsibility.