Class attendance, general policies and information

Students enrolled for credit or audit are expected to attend all class sessions. Instructors will take attendance. Absences do not relieve students of the responsibility for missed assignments and exams. Students must take the initiative in arranging with their instructors to make up missed work. Additional information about attendance is contained in individual course syllabi.

A student who misses the first class meeting and has not contacted the instructor, or who misses two consecutive class meetings in the first week may be dropped from the course. A student with excessive absences may be dropped from a course. (See the Schedule of Classes for additional information regarding attendance requirements.) Students dropped from a course for non-attendance will also be dropped from co-requisite courses. A student should not assume they will be dropped automatically.

Students who are dropped by an instructor for non-attendance will be notified at their CNM e-mail address. If the student believes a mistake has been made, they must contact the instructor within two working days of receipt of the drop notification.