Surveying Technology

A student behind surveying equipment and in front of a CNM sign.


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Program Description

Surveyors measure distances, direction and angles between points on, above and below the earth’s surface.

As a surveyor in the field, you will work to select known survey reference points and determine the precise location of important features in the survey area using specialized equipment.

Surveyors also research legal records, look for evidence of previous boundaries, and analyze data to determine the location of boundary lines. They are sometimes called to provide expert testimony in court regarding their work or the work of other surveyors.

The Surveying Technology program at CNM is designed to meet the requirements for an Associate of Science degree and prepare you to pursue of Bachelor of Science in Surveying Engineering at New Mexico State University or another institution.

Students should understand that the requirements for licensure as a Surveyor vary from state to state. Licensure in New Mexico requires a 4-year degree as well as other requirements.

Surveying Technology Certificate of Completion

The Surveying Technology Certificate of Completion program at CNM is designed to meet the requirements for employment in the surveying and mapping industry. You will obtain a thorough grounding in the technical aspects of surveying. The program is enhanced by including Geographic Information Systems courses to produce a well-rounded background in the geospatial mapping fields.

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