Rapid Prototyping and Innovative Design

3-D printer.

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Program Description

The Rapid Prototyping field is growing exponentially, from Do-it-Yourselfers to ultra-high tech manufacturing for aerospace, medical, and other products.

Our certificate of achievement allows you to develop fundamental skills in producing prototypes for evaluation and low volume manufacturing. 

After completing the first term of this class, you will also earn a NC3 certification for 3-D printing. 

With the advancement in computer controlled equipment building prototypes is now a fast process. You will learn to use the critical tools needed to build a working prototype, including:

  • CAD/CAM software
  • 3-D printing
  • Laser engraver
  • Desktop mill

This program has a large amount of hands-on activities.

CNM Ingenuity also runs the FUSE Makerspace, a community center with tools that allow members to design, prototype and create manufactured works. For more information visit