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Polysomnography Program

This program is designed for currently licensed respiratory care practitioners who are interested in a career in sleep medicine.

Polysomnography has emerged as a unique profession for performing the technical evaluation of a broad range of sleep disorders. The field of polysomnography (PSG) involves the evaluation of many physiological parameters during sleep to produce a quantitative "sleep study." PSG evaluations are necessary to document sleep disorders and to assist physicians in identifying sleep issues and the appropriate treatment. The disruption of proper sleep can complicate or cause many chronic disorders and conditions. There is a critical need for well-trained healthcare professionals in the area of polysomnography. The field of sleep studies, or polysomnography, is a rapidly growing area of health professions. Estimates reflect over 20,000 sleep labs and sleep centers are currently performing sleep diagnostics and the needs continue to grow for credentialed individuals interested in the field of sleep medicine.

This program will prepare you as a CRT or RRT credentialed individual to take the Sleep Disorders Specialist exam offered by the National Board for Respiratory Care.