Plumbing and Gas Fitting

Pipes with knobs fitted together

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Plumbing and Gas Fitting Program

The Plumbing and Gas Fitting program will provide you with opportunities to develop marketable skills installing, repairing, and maintaining common residential and commercial plumbing and piping systems. The core principles and concepts of plumbing systems are covered in each course.

  • Learn from industry professionals
  • Develop your skills in our real, hands-on labs

Program Highlights:

  • Plumbing safety
  • Blueprint reading
  • Gas fitting
  • Pipe layout
  • Drain waste and vent piping systems
  • Backflow prevention
  • Commercial plumbing
  • System maintenance and repair
  • Hydronic systems
  • Plumbing

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

If you have a valid OSHA certification, you can receive credit for courses in the Plumbing and Gas Fitting program by filling out the following form: