Eduardo García

Eduardo García is a native of the Juárez, México-El Paso, Texas borderland. Eduardo received his BA in history at the University of Texas at El Paso in 2007. He completed an MA in history in 2010. His interests in history are race, class, and power relations. As a lifetime resident of the U.S.-México border, he is a witness to the complexity of the border. Through history, he wishes to further understand and document the dynamics found there.

Currently, Eduardo teaches courses in U.S. and Western history and introduction to Chicano Studies at the Central New Mexico College. He published the article “African American Athletes in El Paso, Texas, 1940-1950” in Lone Star Legacy: African American History in Texas (Summer 2011). Forthcoming is “Los Heroes del Barrio: Mexican Americans, Race, and Masculinity in Sports in El Paso, Texas 1940-1950,” in the anthology More Than Just Peloteros, edited by Jorge Iber, PhD. (Lubbock Texas: Texas Tech University Press, 2015).