Infant-Toddler Teacher Network

A network created for teachers who work with the youngest children, the Infant-Toddler Teacher Network is an association that does not have educational requirements or years of experience to join.


Why Join?

  • Access to professional network of infant and toddler teachers
  • Opportunities to attend trainings that provide
    • Tools
    • Cutting edge information
    • Best practices for this age group
    • Ongoing support and development
  • A place to form professional relationships
  • Guidance for developing advocacy opportunities, including teacher equity in New Mexico
  • Innovative opportunity to expand the Mentor Network to support teachers not yet eligible to join the Mentor Network
  • Provide specific support to infant and toddler teachers
  • Will build teacher leaders in this specific age-group
  • Opportunities to host CNM practicum students
  • Access to CNM support for continuing or returning to CNM to earn Associate’s Degree

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A Child's First Teacher

The first three years of life is a time of tremendous growth; a vital period of brain development, when children are learning and discovering every moment they are awake.

Teachers guiding children in this age group are critically important, yet support and access to high quality teacher training for this age group can be hard to find.  This network provides tools, information, and best practices to be used right away. This network tailors the ongoing support and development to better align with infant and toddler teachers’ focus.

If you are a teacher working with children from birth to 36 months, or if you have a passion for this age group, consider joining this new network.


  • Saturday trainings based on
  • NO cost to join
  • Opportunity to join network on the ground floor!

 Requirements to Join

  • Strong interest in infant/toddler age group
  • Willingness to attend trainings specific to infants and toddlers

Join Now

This Network will be ongoing with a unique training series offered every fall and spring semester.