Apply to the ATL Program

How to apply to the Alternative Teacher Licensure Program.

Application Deadlines

Fall Term Deadline
August 1

Spring Term Deadline
December 1

Summer Term Deadline
May 1

*Applications are accepted year-round.  All application materials must be received by the deadlines above to start classes that term. 

The ATL program will begin reviewing applications for 2020 again in February 2020.

Application Flow Chart

Application Forms

ATL Program Application Form

Application Questions?

Contact the Education Program’s Office if you have questions about the application process for the Alternative Teacher Licensure Program.

Phone: (505) 224-3040

Minimum Requirements

Before applying to the Alternative Teacher Licensure Program, you must meet the following minimum requirements.

  • Completion of a Bachelor’s Degree (or higher level degree). Degree must be complete prior to applying to the program; you cannot apply while “in progress.”

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 on highest degree earned (or passing score on

    appropriate NES Assessment exam)

  • Passing score on the NES Essential Academic Skills:

    • Subtest I: Reading

    • Subtest II: Writing

    • Subtest III: Mathematics

  • Ability to pass a Criminal Background Check

Completion of required courses in desired certification area with a “C” or better.

  • Elementary and Special Education:  Requires 30 credits across subject areas.  These areas should include 6 credits in each of the following core disciplines: math, science, social studies (history, geography, economics, civics and government), and language arts. If you do not have 6 credits in each of the core disciplines you will be advised to take credits in the missing areas or demonstrate competencies by passing a NES Elementary Assessments.  The six remaining credits beyond the 24 required above may be in the same areas, or in art, Spanish, and/or physical education. 

  • Secondary Education:  Requires 30 credits in the content area you will be teaching at the secondary level (or 12 upper-level credits).  All credits in your content area must be complete prior to application.

A list of “accepted” courses for each endorsement area is available on the Transcript Analysis Form.

CNM does not review transcripts prior to a complete application to the program. Applicants are encouraged to use the Endorsement Area handout to review their previous coursework to the best of their ability.  Any missing coursework will be highlighted during the application review process.

Steps Prior to Applying

Step One: Enroll

Enroll as a CNM student (if you are not already a CNM student). Students planning to apply for ATL are recommended to select “non-degree” as their major. After acceptance, students will be eligible to switch into Alternative Teacher Licensure. When it asks for “registration type,” indicate “transfer” (if never attended CNM). It is essential that you provide your previous degree information so that the system can verify you currently hold a Bachelor’s degree.

Step Two: Set Up CNM Accounts

After you enroll, you will receive your CNM ID number and CNM email address. Check email address to make sure it is functioning properly, and contact Information Technology Services if you have questions or are experiencing any technical difficulties.

Step Three: Submit Transcripts

Request that your official transcripts from all other institutions be sent to the CNM Records Office, and allow time for processing.

Note: You must have a transcript on file that shows you completed your Bachelor’s Degree. It can take up to 2 weeks for transcripts to be processed once received by CNM. When processing is complete, you will receive an email in your CNM email account. If you do not receive an email within a week, contact the Records Office to make sure your transcript was received.

Important notes about transcripts:

  • If your transcript is from a foreign institution, it must be evaluated (course-by-course evaluation) by a NACES accredited evaluation provider prior to submitting it to CNM. Take this step as soon as possible and allow time for processing.
  • If you attended an institution that no longer exists, or attended an institution outside of the U.S. and are having trouble obtaining an official transcript, contact the Education Program’s Office to obtain permission to submit an unofficial transcript until the official copy can be located.
  • If you do not currently hold a NM license (teaching, intern, substitute, or educational assistant) you may want to order two copies of official transcripts: one for CNM, and one for you to later submit for licensure application.

All students are required to have their official transcripts on file at CNM in order for their ATL Program application to be reviewed.

Step Four: National Evaluation Series (NES) Essential Academic Skills exams

Register for the NES Essential Academic Skills - Subtest I: Reading, Subtest II: Writing and Subtest III: Mathematics

Visit the NES website for information on exam dates, registration fees, etc.     A review course for the NES Essential Academic Skills tests is available through CNM's Workforce Training Center. 

As you register for the NES exams, please make sure to note Central New Mexico Community College as part of Step 5: Score Reporting Options.  This will ensure that CNM receives your results.

If English is not your first language, please contact to discuss potential testing accommodations.

Submitting Your Application

You'll need to submit the following:

If are interested in pursuing Bilingual Education, you will need to submit results of passing La Prueba de Español para la Certificación Bilingüe with your application. Visit the ENMU Testing Center website for exam dates and registration information.

Next Steps / Additional Information

  • Completed applications will be reviewed and applicants will be notified of their admission status by CNM email. It is your responsibility to check your CNM account regularly. Applications submitted for Summer 2020 will not be reviewed until February.

  • Students who are accepted to the program are required to officially accept a seat in the Program by a designated deadline and attend an ATL Program Orientation.

  • Students who do not accept their seat by the designated deadline will be removed from the Program and will be required to reapply to be considered for future cohorts. All application materials would need to be re-submitted.

  • Accepted candidates will receive an acceptance letter via CNM email. Candidates seeking teaching jobs may use this letter to apply for an Alternative Level I License with the Public Education Department.  Initial Licensure Packets may be accessed from the NMPED website.