Microbiology Lab Manual (Spring 2020)

This is a online, free lab manual for the student in Bio 2192.

Lab Units

Bio 2192 Tablet Visual Guide

Unit 1

Microbiology Computer Use and Lab Safety

Unit 2

Microscope Use and Cell Length Calculations

Unit 3

Microbial Growth, Aseptic Inoculation & Streak Isolation

Unit 4

Streak Isolation from a Mixed Broth and Simple Stains

Unit 5

Differential Staining Technique: Gram Stain (Fall/Spring Term)

Differential Staining Technique: Gram Stain (Summer Term)

Unit 6

Dichotomous Key for Acid Fast Bacteria, Candida albicans (Yeast), Endospores, Inclusion Bodies, Capsules and Flagella

Unit 7

Supportive Selective and Differential Media

Unit 8

Oxygen Utilization

Unit 9

Carbohydrate Fermentation

Unit 10

Protein Catabolism

Unit 11

Microbial Blood Tests

Unit 12

Susceptibility of Bacteria to Antibiotics and Introduction to Bacterial Identification

Unit 13

Identification of Unknown Bacteria

Unit 14

Chemical Agents that Inhibit Bacterial Growth

Unit 15

Bacteriologic Analysis of Milk

Gram(+)/Gram(-) Results


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