Math Options: 0970, Jumpstart 1210/1296

The next math class you take depends on your degree requirements and the type of math you enjoy. For help picking the best class for you, see an Academic Coach.

These are your math class options if you've completed MATH 0750 or have the following placement scores:

Accuplacer Arithmetic: 57-120
Accuplacer Algebra: 26-40
ACT: 15-16

SAT: 320-340

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Does Your Degree Require Math?

Every math class required by a degree builds on the content covered in this class:

MATH 0970 – Algebraic Problem Solving I

Course Formats: Face-to-face, Distance Learning, Intersession, SPACE

This algebra class does not satisfy any degree’s math requirement, but it is a necessary prerequisite for the math required for any AAS, AA or AS degree. MATH 0970 is taken to prepare for MATH 0980, MATH 1110, MATH 1210, MATH 1310 and beyond.

SPACE: Certain sections of MATH 0970, designated as Self-Paced And Computer Enhanced (SPACE), allow you to adjust your pace through the course material according to your needs, and even give you the option of accelerating to complete both MATH 0970 and MATH 0980 in the same semester. These classes are held in a computer lab and the work for the class is done using a computer program called ALEKS, with the instructor available for additional help. You can find these sections of MATH 0970 in the Schedule of Classes by selecting the Instructional Method "COMPUTERIZED & ACCELERATED" in the Advanced Search.

In a Hurry to Complete Your Math?

If you prefer non-algebraic math, and if you want to satisfy the “AAS Mathematics Requirement” or “Mathematics Requirement” as quickly as possible, consider these options:

Jumpstart MATH 1210/1296 – Methods of Problem Solving with Lab

Fall and Spring semesters only

This course pairing allows you to jump straight into MATH 1210, which satisfies the AAS Mathematics requirement, without taking MATH 0970 first (though you still need to qualify for MATH 0970). To take this class, you must register for a section of MATH 1210 along with the paired section of MATH 1296, which covers the background skills needed for MATH 1210. The MATH 1296 class is a one (1) credit lab with mini lectures and individual and group work done in class, but no additional homework.

You can find the Jumpstart sections of MATH 1210/1296 in the Schedule of Classes by selecting the Instructional Method "LEARNING COMMUNITY CLASS."  The paired sections are also listed on the “Jump Start Learning Communities” page linked to the Schedule of Classes website.  You will need to register for the sections of MATH 1210 and MATH 1296 that have matching section numbers (which will always have a middle digit of “5”, such as 150, 151, 250, 350, etc.).

Please note: This class does not prepare you for Algebra classes such as Math 0980 or Math 1310. Consider this option only if MATH 1210 or MATH 1330 (which can be taken after MATH 1210) will satisfy your degree requirements.