Math Options: 0850, 0970

The next math class you take depends on your degree requirements and the type of math you enjoy. For help picking the best class for you, see an Academic Coach.

These are your math class options if you've completed Math 0550 or have the following placement scores:

Accuplacer Arithmetic: 0-56
ACT: 0-14
SAT: 0-310

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Preparing to Retake the Placement Test?

MATH 0850 – Math Test Preparation

Course Formats: Intersession

This class is designed to help you refresh math skills you learned once but have forgotten. Taking this class does not give you credit towards your degree, but it could help you place into a higher math class. 

Other options

Talk to an Academic Coach about your degree’s requirements. There might be specific classes in your program that include math topics relevant to your degree. Taking these classes now might help you refresh your math skills which could help you place into higher level math classes in the future. There are also resources on the web and in CNM Learn that can help you study on your own.

Starting the Math Sequence?

MATH 0970 – Algebraic Problem Solving I (SPACE sections only)

Math 0970 does not satisfy any degree’s math requirement, but it is a necessary prerequisite for the math required for any AAS, AA or AS degree. Certain sections of MATH 0970 are Self-Paced, Accelerated, Computer-Enhanced (SPACE). These sections allow you to adjust your pace through the course material according to your needs.

If you take this class, you will be able to review techniques for working with numbers and before beginning the study of algebra. You can find the SPACE sections of MATH 0970 in the Schedule of Classes by selecting the Instructional Method "COMPUTERIZED & ACCELERATED."