Math 1200 modules FAQ

Answers to common questions students have about the 1-credit modules, Math 1211, Math 1212, Math 1213 and Math 1214

CNM has replaced the traditional Math 1210 course with four 1-credit modules that are each completed in five weeks – Math 1211, Math 1212, Math 1213 and Math 1214. Most students will be advised to take Math 1211 (Problem Solving with Formulas, Measurement, Algebra) in the first five weeks of a term and Math 1212 (Problem Solving with Probability and Statistics) in the second five weeks. For the last five weeks of a term, most students will be able to pick from Math 1213 (Problem Solving with Geometry and Right Triangle Trigonometry) or Math 1214 (Problem Solving with Consumer Math).  Below, you'll find answers to the most common questions students have about these new classes.

Fall 2018 Math 1200 Class Schedule

The Fall 2018 block schedule of Math 1200 classes is available for download. 

Can I take more than one of these modules during a semester?  How do I fit them into my schedule?

Yes!  These modules are scheduled so that you can easily take up to three of them in one term.

The easiest way to fit the classes into your schedule is to choose classes with matching section numbers.  Courses with matching section numbers meet at the same time, in the same place, with the same instructor, with the different classes scheduled back-to-back during the term. 
For example:

Math 1211: 109 meets at main campus, M/W 1:30 - 2:45, Aug. 27 - Sept. 30
Math 1212: 109 meets at main campus, M/W 1:30 - 2:45, Oct. 1 - Nov. 4
Math 1213: 109 meets at main campus, M/W 1:30 - 2:45, Nov. 5 - Dec. 9

Do I have to take Math 1211?  Do I have to take Math 1212?

Most students should take both Math 1211 and Math 1212, for three reasons:

  • All of the scheduling blocks (by section number) start with Math 1211 and Math 1212.  If you want to complete three modules in one term, with one schedule for the entire term, you'll need to take Math 1211, Math 1212, and either Math 1213 or Math 1214.
  • If you are taking these classes for the "AAS Math Requirement" you need three modules.
  • If you are taking these classes to get into Math 1330 or Math 1320 next term, you need Math 1211 and Math 1212.
  • Math 1211 is the only class offered in the first 5 weeks of the semester. 

I need to take a Statistics class.  Will these classes meet that requirement?

No, if you need a Statistics class, you probably need to take Math 1330: Introduction to Probability and Statistics.  Math 1211 and Math 1212 cover related material, and so serve as prerequisites to Math 1330, but they will not satisfy other degrees' Statistics requirement.

Why did CNM create these 1-credit modules instead of just offering one class to meet the requirement?

  • The classes are more relevant to students’ needs. 
  • The new classes provide a quicker pathway into Math 1320, Math 1330, or Math 1340, all of which satisfy the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science math requirement.
  • Offering the classes in 1-credit modules helps students who struggle with certain topics.
  • With 5-week classes, if a student needs to repeat a class, they can do it in the same term.