HWPS Student Handbooks

School and program level policies and procedures for HWPS students

2015-2016 HWPS Student Handbook

In the event of a conflict between information contained in the student handbook and the CNM catalog, the catalog takes precedence. Students are responsible to know the information contained in the CNM Catalog and Student Handbook.

The School of Health Wellness & Public Safety has the right to make additions or deletions to the student handbook. Any substantial changes will be communicated to currently enrolled students via CNM email.

CNM/HWPS Policies and Information

 Academic Dishonesty Policy

Depending on what program students will complete requirements specific to these facilities. Some require 1st day orientations, computer based training (CBT), or electronic medical record computer training.

HWPS Achievement Coaches are available to support students when they encounter obstacles with their academics. Students can make an appointment with the HWPS coach, Nikki Purkeypile, by calling (505) 224-4111. Students can also see CNM Connect coaches, who are located at all CNM campuses.

HWPS Program Handbook Appendices