Course Repeat Process

Submit a Course Repeat Request to SAGE, AT, BIT, CHSS, HWPS, or MSE.
The deadline to request a course repeat for Spring 2020 has passed. There are only two exceptions to the deadline:

  1. If you received a failing grade in the course during the Fall 2019 term. You must have received a grade of D, F, or NC (not a "W").
  2. If you need the class to graduate from CNM for the Spring 2020 term. In order to qualify for this exception, you must be registered for all the other courses you need to graduate.
Contact the CNM school that offers the course to find out the process for requesting an exception. Check the courses and corresponding schools below for contact information. You must be enrolled in the class(es) by the Friday before the CNM semester begins.

Summer 2020 Course Repeat Requests

The window to request a course repeat for Summer 2020 is February 17 through April 24, 2020.

Adult & General Education (SAGE)

If you have questions about course repeats, contact SAGE at (505) 224-3939.

SAGE Courses

ESL – English as a Second Language

ESOL – English for Speakers of other languages

FYEX  First Year Seminar

GELA – General Education Language Arts

GEMA – General Education Math

GEMS – General Education Multi-Subject

GESC – General Education Science

GESP – General Education Spanish

GESS – General Education Social Studies

IBEC – I-BEST ESL Early Childhood Multicultural Education

IBNA – I-BEST ESL Nursing Assistant

IRW – Integrated Reading and Writing

MATH – 980 and lower

Applied Technologies (AT)

To request an AT course repeat, contact Applied Technologies at (505) 224-3185 or email

AT Courses

AUTC – Automotive Technologies

ARDR – Architectural Drafting

AVMT – Aviation Technology

CAD – Computer Assisted Drafting

CARP – Carpentry

CM – Construction Management

DETC – Diesel Equipment Technology

ELEC – Electronics

ELTR – Electrical Trades

FILM – Film Technology

GIT – Geographic Information Technology

HVAC – Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

MATT – Machine Tool Technology

MEMS – Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems

OSHA – Occupational Safety

PHOT – Photonics

PLMB – Plumbing

SUR – Surveying

TRDR – Truck Driving

WELD – Welding

Business & Information Technology (BIT)

Learn more about the BIT Course Repeat Approval Process, or contact BIT at (505) 224-3811 with questions.

BIT Courses

ACCT – Accounting

BUSA (formerly BA) – Business Administration

CIS – Computer Info Systems

CSCI – Computer Science

CULN – Culinary Arts

FIN – Financial Literacy

HT – Hospitality and Tourism

IT – Information Technology

OTEC – Office Technology

PM – Project Management

Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences (CHSS)

If you have questions about course repeats, contact CHSS at (505) 224-3588.

CHSS Courses

AFST – African American Studies

AMST – American Studies 

ANTH – Anthropology

ARBC – Arabic

ARTH – Art History

ARTS – Art Studio

CHDV (formerly CDV) – Child Development

CCST (formerly CHMS) – Chicano Studies

COMM – Communication

CST – Cultural Studies

ECED (formerly ECME) – Early Childhood Multicultural Education

ECON – Economics

EDUC – Education

ENGL (formerly ENG) – English (1101 & up)

FREN – French

GNHN – General Honors

HIST – History

HUMN (formerly HUM) – Humanities

JOUR – Journalism

MUSC (formerly MUS)– Music

NATV – Native America Studies

PHIL – Philosophy

PORT – Portuguese

POLS (formerly PSCI) – Political Sciences

PSYC (formerly PSY) – Psychology

RELG (formerly RLGN) – Religion

SOCI (formerly SOC) – Sociology

SPAN – Spanish

SPED – Special Education

THEA – Theatre

GNDR (formerly WMST) – Women's Studies

Health, Wellness & Public Safety (HWPS)

If you have questions about course repeats, contact HWPS at (505) 224-4111.

HWPS Courses

CHW – Community Health Worker

COS – Cosmetology

CJUS (formerly CJ) – Criminal Justice

DA – Dental Assistant

DMS – Diagnostic Med Sonography

EMS – Emergency Medical Tech

EXSC (formerly FITT) - Exercise Science and Wellness

FS – Fire Science

HHA – Home Health Aide

HIT – Health Information Technology

HLED (formerly FITT) – Exercise Science and Wellness

HLTH – Health

MA – Medical Assistant

MLT – Medical Lab Tech

NMNC (formerly NRSG) – Nursing

NA – Nursing Assistant

PCT – Patient Care Technician

PHED (formerly FITT)  Physical Education

PHLB – Phlebotomy

PL – Paralegal Studies

PSG – Polysomnography

PT – Pharmacy Technician

PTA – Physical Therapist Assistant

RADT – Radiologic Technology

RT – Respiratory Therapy

ST – Surgical Technology

VT – Veterinary Technology

Math, Science & Engineering (MSE)

If you have questions about course repeats or if you have not received a response within 72 hours of submission, contact MSE at (505) 224-3561.

MSE Courses

ASTR – Astronomy

BIOL (formerly BIO) – Biology

BIOL (formerly BIOT) – Biotechnology

CHEM – Chemistry

ENGR – Engineering

GEOG – Geography

GEOL (formerly EPS) – Geology

NTSC (formerly NS) – Natural Science

NUTR – Nutrition

MATH – Math (1110 & up)

PHYS – Physics