Nursing (AAS), NMNEC Concentration Pre-Registration Screening Form

This form serves as the Pre-Registration Screening for the CNM Nursing (AAS), NMNEC Concentration Program.

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Before Submitting This Form

  1. Please read the screening criteria and guidelines for the Coordinated Entry Programs.
  2. Please read the instructions for the Nursing (AAS), NMNEC Concentration Pre-Registration Screening Form.

You cannot "save" your work and return to it later.

Submission of your form does not guarantee you a seat in the program. Screening forms will not be considered for students who have not been admitted to CNM.

NOTE: Students who want to be considered for the CNM-UNM Dual Degree Program must also submit a application to the UNM College of Nursing through NursingCAS.

HESI Test Date   Enter the date you successfully completed the HESI exam. Enter the testing date in which you scored at least a 75% in all six areas: Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar, Math, Biology and Chemistry. If you met this requirement on more than one testing date, choose the exam with the highest cumulative score. Exam dates must be from the past year. Future test Dates are NOT acceptable. Results must be no later than the date of screening form submission.
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VA National Education for Employees Program (VANEEP) Applicant?   (Current VA Employees ONLY)

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Information and Acknowledgements

For each of the following statements click the box to acknowledge you understand that you have met/will meet the following requirements. If you have any questions on any of these statements, please contact (505) 224-4111 or email before submitting this form.


When you click "submit" a screen will appear that will notify you that your form was submitted successfully. You will also receive an email confirmation to your CNM email account.