Honors FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for CHSS/MSE Honors

Is there any special value to taking Honors courses?

The general honors program gives students an exciting option for enhancing their liberal arts education while at CNM. Being in the Honors program can open doors and help enhance your career path. To have Graduated with Honors on your record is a good way to add value to an application to a job or a four-year institution. Your acceptance into the CNM Honors program automatically qualifies you for the Honors program at UNM (providing you have met the UNM general criteria for admission).

Being in the Honors program connects you to a supportive network of Honors students, professors and alumni, and makes you eligible for special scholarships, conferences, and internships.

Who is eligible?

A student must have taken at least 9 college credits, must have at least a 3.2 GPA and must have received a 'B' or better in English 1101/1101P in order to be considered for the honors program. Enrollment in honors classes requires permission of the instructor of the class or of an associate dean.

Enrollment in honors courses is by application only; however, any student who meets the qualifications and is interested in the challenge these courses offer is encouraged to apply.

If I receive a letter inviting me into the honors program. I can't sign up this term. Can I sign up next term?

Yes, if you keep up your GPA.

Do I have to take the Honors classes in any particular order?

No. These courses can be taken in any order. You may elect to take only one.