Roshelle Overton a Distinguished Faculty Award Winner

Feb. 27, 2018 -- Roshelle, a full-time Distinguished Faculty Award Winner for 2017-18 from the School of Business & Information Technology, is a shining example of willingness to embrace new ideas.
Roshelle Overton a Distinguished Faculty Award Winner
From left, CNM Governing Board Member Michael Canfield, Board Member Annette Chavez y De La Cruz, Distinguished Faculty Winner Roshelle Overton, Board Member Nancy Baca and Board Chair Pauline Garcia.

Feb 27, 2018

She continues to implement innovative and exciting practices for her students, including flipping the classroom, using guided walkthroughs instead of PowerPoint, and finding new technology such as Plickers and Screencastify. This new technology enables her to capture answers to poll-like questions, post videos that guide students through material and homework exercises, and post exam reviews.

Roshelle attends conferences that enhance her professional growth, including Teaching Accounting at Two-Year Colleges, where she presented her own session on adaptive learning.  Roshelle uses many strategies to support student success. She learns student’s names quickly and holds one-on-one meetings with each student in her Accounting Capstone class.

Roshelle is very involved in several of CNM’s Strategic Direction initiatives. She was one of the initial instructors in the Business Administration Fast Track Degree program and she was instrumental in restructuring a Competency Based Education formatted course. Roshelle is an excellent instructor who positively impacts students every day.