You’re Invited to Take CNM Safe Zone Training on March 6

March 1, 2018 -- CNM is offering a “CNM Safe Zone Training” for faculty and staff to learn more about LGBTQ+ identities and issues, and how to support LGBTQ+ students both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. It will take place Tuesday, March 6, from 2-5 p.m. on Main Campus in JS Building, Room 208.

Mar 01, 2018

Participants will learn LGBTQ+ vocabulary, increased awareness of gender and sexuality, best practices for making the campus a safer place, and learn how to be better allies both inside and outside of the classroom. Participants will receive a CNM Safe Zone sticker for office display upon completion of this training. 

To register for the training, login to myCNM and click on the “Employee” tab. Click on “Talent Management” at center of page and select “Browse for Training.” Under the “Subject” heading in left column, click on “CTL Faculty Training” and find “Safe Zone Training.”