Winograd Presents Coveted Candy Dish Awards

August 13, 2014 -- CNM President Katharine Winograd presented the coveted Candy Dish Awards to 11 staff and faculty members Tuesday night at the Governing Board meeting.

Jul 17, 2015

The recipients include:

  • Jim "Grubb" Graebner. Last month Graebner was named the 2014 Educator of the Year by the New Mexico Association of Career and Technical Education.
  • The CORE Training Team that delivered a great training to Student Services staff centered around StrengthsQuest. Team members include Joe Schaub, Lori Gallegos, Greta Berry, Nikki Purkeypile, Ruth Sandoval and Kim Giek.
  • Mike Maulsby of the Assessment Department. When the Workforce Training Center was recently experiencing some mechanical issues with the air conditioning, Maulsby provided WTC staff with access to three computers in the assessment area, allowing the WTC to better serve its customers.
  • Brittany Esswein of the Institutional Research Department. Esswein recently took the initiative to identify a list of areas to research in connection with enrollment decreases. She’s already completed some significant work that’s going to help CNM better understand the dynamics related to enrollment.
  • Dennis Sanchez of the Audio-visual Services Department. During a recent Veterans Town Hall Meeting hosted by Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham, the event had to be relocated to CNM because of a larger than expected audience. Sanchez stayed on-site during the entire event to help ensure that the event went smoothly.
  • Elma Garcia, a bilingual early childhood specialist from School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences. Although it’s not part of her job, Garcia has become one of CNM’s biggest dual credit advocates. Since gaining firsthand knowledge about the benefits of dual credit from her high school daughter, Garcia has become passionate about informing other high school students and their families about its benefits. She has become a champion for dual credit everywhere she goes, from the grocery store to her orientation presentations for the bilingual program.