WIN Student of the Year Wins Full-ride Scholarship to UNM

May 14, 2014 --The CNM student who recently was named Student of the Year at the awards ceremony honoring Women in Non-Traditional Careers (WIN) is the recipient of a full-ride scholarship to the University of New Mexico.
WIN Student of the Year Wins Full-ride Scholarship to UNM

Jul 17, 2015

Abygale Lowman says she will use the scholarship to study mechanical engineering and plans to eventually work in the diesel transportation field.

The scholarship is being awarded by Peoples Inc. Foundation, which was founded by Ann and Russ Rhoades.

“My grandpa put my name in the pool of candidates for the scholarship, and I fit the criteria,” Lowman said. “They seemed to like me. They wanted a candidate who comes from a less-than-fortunate background and is now showing they are turning their life around. They were also very interested in my (WIN) Student of the Year award.”

She added that the couple emphasized that they want her to finish at CNM and earn her associate degree before starting at UNM.

Details of the scholarship, including how much it will be, will be hashed out in the next couple of weeks when Lowman meets the Rhoades. Lowman said the scholarship will cover tuition, books and other fees.