Nutrition Instructor Wins Duke City Marathon

November 6, 2014 -- When she saw her time of three hours and 15 minutes, CNM sports nutrition instructor Stefanie Tierney knew it was really good, but she didn’t think it was going to win the women’s division of the Duke City Marathon on Oct. 19.
Nutrition Instructor Wins Duke City Marathon

Jul 17, 2015

She saw two women cross the finish line ahead of her. She knew she gave it her best and was ready to accept what she thought was a very impressive finish among maybe the top five.

Turns out the 35-year-old runner won the race after all. The women ahead of her were running in the marathon relay race in which teams of four split the 26.2 mile run. Tierney had won the Duke City Marathon women’s race.

“I worked hard for this,” Tierney said. “I run between 30 to 50 miles a week and even ran a 50 mile race in June that took me eight hours to finish.”

This was the second time Tierney won the Duke City Marathon. Her last title was in 2006.

Tierney has been running since age 10. Back then the majority of her running was on soccer fields though. She didn’t turn to marathon running until she graduated from the University of Minnesota with her undergraduate degree.

She has run 27 marathon races, including the Boston Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C., and the Chicago Marathon.

As a registered dietitian and nutrition instructor, Tierney knows how to fuel her body. She eats protein but focuses more on high carbohydrate foods like bread, cereals and beans because they fuel exercise the best.

“Everyone is different and has to figure out what is best for their bodies,” she said. “I know what to eat during a three-hour run to give me endurance without upsetting my stomach.”

She discusses the right foods athletes should eat in her online sports nutrition class in which many of her students are enrolled in CNM’s Fitness Technician Certificate program. Some want to become dieticians like herself. One is even a professional boxer who just wants to know what foods he should consume to maintain his stamina in the ring.

Tierney has been teaching nutrition part-time at CNM for seven years. She also teaches fitness classes at a local gym and in the fall coaches soccer at St. Pius X High School, where she passionately played soccer during her teenage years.