Welding Students Build Shelters to Protect Security Officers

July 26, 2017 -- Third-term welding students will be making the work of CNM security officers a little more comfortable by building two covered metal shelters that will protect the officers from the rain and sun.
Welding Students Build Shelters to Protect Security Officers

Jul 26, 2017

Six students from two advanced Project Fabrication classes were selected to design and build the structures that are four feet wide and six feet deep – just large enough for an officer to stand under for an occasional break from the elements. Each has a CNM logo built into one of the sides.

Participating students are Dustin Allen, Greyson Tagg, Dakota Woods, Pat Torivio, Madison Torivio and David Tuttle. A seventh student, Andrew Mckinley, volunteered to help after he finished another classroom project.

The sides of the structures are made of perforated steal with circles cut in the metal to allow a breeze to pass through.

“We approached the Welding Department chair to have students build the structures as a class project,” said John Corvino, Chief of Security. “We wanted something similar to smoking structures that already exist on campus.”


Welding faculty got together to decide which class would be best for the project. They agreed on the Project Fabrication class taught by Ron Hackney. By the time students reach that level, they know how to weld and are learning how to fabricate and assemble parts.

The structures will be semi-portable and can be moved to different locations with a crane.

Chief Corvino said the locations of the shelters will depend on campus events and high crime areas.