Welcome New Hires

August 19, 2015 --Here are new employees hired in August.

Aug 19, 2015

Adam Augustoni -- Ingenuity Support – Instruction,, Security Officer I

Shonna Baca --  Campus Security, Dispatcher 911 Certified

Jacqueline Carpenter – Assessments, Assessment Technician

Anna Diaz -- Facilities Administration, Operations I

Rosa Loera -- Facilities Administration, Operations

Betsy Gillette -- Enrollment Services, Small Business Development Center, Councilor

Andrew McCollom – School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences, Instructional Technician

Louis Medina – Campus Security, Security Officer III

Matthew Ormita – School of Health Wellness and Public Safety, Recruiter

Ronnie Rel – Campus Security, Security Officer I

Isidore Shendo -- Facilities Administration, Operations

Robert Taylor – School of Math, Science & Engineering, Part-time Instructor

Liza Trujillo – Main Library, Accountant