Welcome New Employees

Oct. 6, 2016 -- Please welcome the following new employees to CNM.

Oct 05, 2016

Adams, Mildred -- Academic Technical Assistant
Aragon, Shirley -- Academic Affairs Specialist
Armendariz, Luis -- Administrative Technical Assistant
Baca Jurney, Nancy -- Governing Board Member
Becker, Gerrie -- Senior Director of Purchasing
Bency, David -- Faculty, Accounting
Bendegue, Jennifer -- Accounting Supervisor
Bowers, Jason -- Parking Enforcement Officer
Burns, Taylor -- Faculty, Baking
Carranza, Jennifer -- Faculty, Dental Assistant
Cordova, Sabrina -- Human Resources Technician
De Laveaga, Jacquelyn -- Faculty, English as a Second Language
Dorrance, Nina -- Data Analyst
Evjen, Miranda -- Recruitment Marketing Strategist
Fields, Edward -- Security Officer I
Galvan, Ricardo -- Contact Center Info Specialist
Griego, Anthony -- Security Officer I
Hawkins, Heather -- Faculty, Nursing
Herrera, Richard -- Faculty, Nursing
Ivie, Thomas -- Security Officer I
Jacks, Brandy -- Faculty, Nursing
Jacome, Mark -- Contact Center Info Specialist
Jensen, David -- Faculty, HVAC
Laughlin, Heidi -- Faculty, Hospitality/Tourism
Lisi-Macready, Maureen -- Faculty, Culinary Arts
Lopez, Nicole -- Faculty, Accounting
Mahoney, Margaret -- Faculty, Sociology
Martinez, Michelle -- Instructional Technician, Culinary Arts
Mellas, Michael -- Faculty, Film Technician
Montoya, Loretta -- Special Assistant to Vice President of Finance & Operations
Montoya, Merlene -- Administrative Coordinator
Newman, Scott -- Lab Supervisor, Culinary Arts
Pearson, Dalton -- Security Officer I
Perez, Chris -- Security Officer I
Perry, Jane -- Science Lab Technician III, Nursing
Porcello, Valerie -- Faculty, Nursing
Puccetti, Nancy -- Director of Accounting, Non-profit
Reed, Frances -- Purchasing Coordinator
Roberts, Richard -- Security Officer I
Sarvis, Emily -- Tutor
Thomas, Diane -- Faculty, Film
Tobin, Cassandra -- Faculty, Sterile Processing Technician
Vinson, Jordan -- STEMulus Center Bootcamp Assistant
Wolf, Joseph -- Faculty, Criminal Justice
Wright, Matthew -- Human Resources Technician
Zhao, Haiyan -- Faculty, Accounting
Zimmerly, Eric -- Locksmith