Values Champion Shout-Out: Travis Thompson

Each week, CNM will be recognizing staff and faculty doing exceptional work and representing CNM's Core Values— Be Caring, Be Ethical, Be Inspiring, Be Courageous, Be Connected, Be Exceptional.

Sep 23, 2020

This week's Values Shout Out goes to an employee who has been essential in CNM’s response to COVID and has displayed every attribute of CNM’s core value of being Courageous. Instead of fearing all of the changes COVID has brought us, this employee embraced the challenge and brought together stakeholders. This drove results and enabled CNM employees to be able to return to campus. The solutions created to the problems have been innovative and have enabled faculty and staff to be prepared to welcome students in the Summer and Fall semesters.

When COVID hit, this employee turned New Employee Orientation into a virtual orientation in less than four days for the new hires who were starting that second week of March. He dove in head first and did not come up for air until he had a version that was capable of providing the level of experience CNM strives to give its new employees. This was only the first of many long weeks ahead for him.

As the months have gone by and the increasing need for CNM to be able to provide COVID-specific training and comply with new federal and state mandates grew, this employee has been working extra hours to create and implement the new content. Without him, CNM would not have been able to implement the Return to Work plan in such a fast and seamless manner.

This employee takes on challenge without question. The lack of fear or hesitation most people would have responding to a crisis of this magnitude was never evident with him. The nominator writes: "I believe that even the most steadfast employees at CNM would have seen these challenges as insurmountable, yet he chose to act, taking initiative and creating innovative solutions. He took each day in stride, when every request that came in was urgent and needed immediate attention and priority. His perseverance in the face of adversity is a hallmark of being Courageous."

Nominated by Millie Adams Bellah, this week's CNM Values Shout Out is Travis Thompson.