Values Champion Shout-Out: Amy Ballard

Each week, CNM will be recognizing staff and faculty doing exceptional work and representing CNM's Core Values— Be Caring, Be Ethical, Be Inspiring, Be Courageous, Be Connected, Be Exceptional.

Oct 15, 2020

Despite COVID mandates that have impacted education as we know it, this week’s Values Champion met the challenge head on.

Back in mid-March, when face-to-face instruction in Applied Technologies was halted for “at least for a couple of weeks” while COVID-19 was evaluated, faculty and staff needed information and direction to move student learning online.

Fast forward to October, and a couple weeks has become six months. Hope for a speedy recovery has evolved into the realization that our world is very different. It’s quite an accomplishment to successfully transition a trades school to online instruction, and then bring it back in six months. It requires communication, agile responsiveness, and the ability to hold and define a vision for personnel under your authority. 

Interim Dean of Applied Technologies Amy Ballard did just that. She continually refuses to let seemingly insurmountable challenges impact student learning.

Those who know Amy understand that she often deflects a compliment to others and will defer to the team effort. That’s what great leaders do. Every great team, however, needs a leader like Amy who inspires and keeps charging regardless of the challenge or task at hand. Nominated by Sharon Gordon-Moffett, and Joe Schaub, these qualities make Amy Ballard the perfect recipient for the Courageous Value Champion Award.