Suzanne Harris-Smith a Distinguished Faculty Award Winner

Suzanne, a full-time Distinguished Faculty Award Winner for 2017-18 from the School of Adult & General Education (SAGE), has been involved in several initiatives in Developmental Education.
Suzanne Harris-Smith a Distinguished Faculty Award Winner
From left, CNM Governing Board Member Michael Canfield, Board Member Annette Chavez y De La Cruz, Distinguished Faculty Winner Suzanne Harris-Smith, Board Member Nancy Baca and Board Chair Pauline Garcia.

Feb 21, 2018

She has worked to upgrade and improve the math curriculum in both face-to-face classes and Distance Learning (DL) classes. She brought the flipped classroom model to SAGE and created SAGE’s first intersession DL math class. Suzanne worked on creating a Blackboard shell that allows students to access videos, PowerPoint presentations, and ALEKS (the online math program). Suzanne moved all of her chapter testing to ALEKS, which provided five additional days of instruction to students.  She created CNM’s first MOOC (Massive Open Online Class). Students may join the online class at any time to brush up on their basic math skills giving them greater confidence to take the Accuplacer exam.

Suzanne has served as the Secretary, President-Elect and President of both the Southwest Association for Developmental Education (SWADE) and the Southwest Chapter of the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE). She has given numerous presentations at each of their annual conferences. 

Suzanne’s students see her level of commitment to them and they reciprocate by staying committed to her, the class, and to achieving their academic goals.