Students Assist Small Businesses Through Digital Media Lab at Rio Rancho Campus

June 20, 2017 -- This past Spring Term, two CNM digital media students from classes taught by José Velez created a logo for the Jemez-based business, Pueblo Adobe, in the newly-established Sandoval County Digital Media Lab at CNM’s Rio Rancho Campus.
Students Assist Small Businesses Through Digital Media Lab at Rio Rancho Campus

Jun 20, 2017

The students, Alena Crandell and Gregory Gargano, designed the logo as a class project using Illustrator and Photoshop software available in the Digital Media Lab, as well as the skills they learned in Velez’s courses.

Pueblo Adobe owners contacted CNM about creating a logo for their business after they learned about the Digital Media Lab. The CNM students’ creative work is available to local, newly-established businesses operating in Sandoval County through the media lab partnership.

“They wanted a logo that was culturally significant.” Velez said. “Alena came up with the idea of building a theme around a red rock that is part of the pueblo’s landscape. The Photoshop-enhanced rock is surrounded by steps of a Native American kiva designed by Gregory.”

Crandell, who is half Native American, designed the logo with her cultural roots in mind. Gargano, a military veteran who is acclimating back into non-military life, says that coming up with the kiva motif allowed him to “tune out worries of the past and concerns of the future and ground him in the moment, producing something of beauty.”

Also designing logos for companies were eight other students, including Pheadra Kostka, John Kostka, Morgan Schilling, Julia Anderson, Amanda Castillo, James Dalleska, Arturo Moreno and Wyatt Tsosie. The Digital Media Lab is currently working with other businesses and some community projects.

CNM and Sandoval County’s Office of Business Development partnered in February to establish the Digital Media Lab at CNM’s Rio Rancho Campus. The lab serves as a training/internship site for high school and college students who work with small businesses or community organizations in Sandoval County to create websites, mobile software, logos, videos and more.

Mostly used as a classroom and project design space, the lab is also available to the public at designated times during the week.

Victoria Stark-Romero serves as Digital Media Lab liaison who connects Sandoval County businesses with CNM faculty and their students to help with their marketing needs.

This partnership supports CNM’s strategic initiative to provide all students at CNM an opportunity for real-world work experience before graduation.

For more information about the Digital Media Lab, email