Student Wins Scholarship

August 15, 2017 -- CNM student Adrian Toledo is the recipient of a $500 “Opening Doors to Nature Scholarship” from the 2017 Friends of Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) Scholarship Program. He will receive the award Friday, Aug. 18, at the organization’s 3rd Annual Golden Gala.
Student Wins Scholarship

Aug 15, 2017

The $500 award must be applied to tuition or education-related materials in the 2017-2018 school year. This is the first year the scholarship has been awarded.

At CNM, Toledo is majoring in Environmental Planning and Design and plans to transfer to the University of New Mexico to pursue a bachelor’s degree. He also attended the National Climate Leadership Summit in June, in Washington, D.C.

Toledo said that he is “really interested in learning how to build like our ancestors did with a limited impact on the environment and sharing that method with younger Native Americans and all Americans.”

Toledo participates in CNM’s TRIO Student Support Services.

“This scholarship is a great way for us to be supportive of students interested in the environment and a way to get them involved with the Friends of Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge,” said Aryn LaBrake, Executive Director of the Friends of Valle de Oro NWR, the non-profit support organization for Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge located in the South Valley.