STEM UP Grant Concludes with Many Successes

Oct. 5, 2017 -- The $3,473,005 STEM UP (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Undergraduate Pathways) grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Education ended Sept. 29, 2017, resulting in a number of successes. The STEM UP grant was a collaborative between CNM and the University of New Mexico.

Oct 05, 2017

“Throughout the last six years, the success of the grant can be attributed to the instrumental partnerships and collaborative relationships formed between key stakeholders at CNM and UNM,” said Tim Gutierrez, associate vice president of Student Services STEM UP PI. “Thank you so much for your invaluable support.  Special Thanks to Dr. Eugene Padilla (associate vice president for Enrollment Management) who served as co-PI on the grant, the faculty, staff, administration and the students of CNM.”

The following are some of the highlights and successes of the STEM UP grant:

  • Established a Joint Advisory Council (JAC) bringing together deans, chairs, faculty, advisors, students, and registrar staff from CNM and UNM to initiate coursework articulation, degree pathways and aligning the associate of science degree to the bachelor of science degree.
  • Completed five Transfer Pathway Agreements in the following STEM areas: biology, physics, nutrition, engineering, and chemistry.
  • 110 STEM degree seeking students at CNM and UNM were employed as Student Education Leaders (STEM SELs), providing STEM peer mentoring, study groups and transfer workshops at the two institutions.
  • The STEM UP model of transfer articulation and degree alignment served as the model for course articulation and led to the institutionalization of a transfer staff position at CNM, where course/degree alignment now includes numerous degree majors and most New Mexico colleges.
  • More than 50 Transfer Walk About STEM tours of UNM Main Campus were conducted and hosted by UNM transfer students, serving over 400 potential transfer students from CNM who are pursuing a STEM degree.