Statement of Responsibility for Employee Acceptance of New ID Badges

Aug. 6, 2015 -- Acknowledgement of responsibility for proper use of ID Badges: By signing to accept the ID badge, each employee acknowledges receipt of the ID badge and assumes full responsibility for its proper use until returned to the CNM Security Department or Key Control personnel.

Aug 04, 2015

In particular, he/she agrees not to make or allow others to make duplicates of the ID badge and I will not loan, barter, sell or give the ID badge entrusted to them to any personnel not authorized to use it.  CNM employees are aware that to do so may be a violation of the New Mexico Criminal Statutes, Section 30-14-2, NMSA 1978.  Employees are responsible to notify Public Safety immediately if an ID badge is lost or stolen.

Department responsibility for proper distribution of ID Badges:  The department accepts responsibility for the ID badges during the Distribution Period until each individual employee assumes the responsibility for their badge.  The department must notify Public Safety immediately if a badge is unaccounted for.