Smith Brasher, Max Salazar Moves Scheduled for August

July 27, 2017 -- The newly renovated Smith Brasher (SB) Hall will be open for business this Fall Term, five months ahead of schedule.

Jul 27, 2017

The School of Business & Information Technology (BIT) will be moving back to SB from its alternate locations, including BIT’s administrative offices that were temporarily housed at the Montoya Campus.

Some of BIT’s administrative staff will continue to maintain a presence at the Montoya Campus and provide campus oversight. The BIT Montoya offices will remain in Tom Wiley Hall, Rooms 204 and 206. 

The BIT move will occur between August 7-11. BIT administrative offices will be open for business in Smith Brasher Hall beginning Monday, Aug. 14.

More information regarding the BIT move can be found by clicking here.

The School of Math, Science & Engineering (MS&E) will be moving out of Max Salazar (MS) Hall starting in August in preparation for the building’s complete overhaul. One-third of MSE staff and faculty will move to SB, Room 201 Aug. 9-11. The rest will be relocated to offices in a variety of buildings, including SB in December.

MSE will have the following move schedules.

  • MSE School Offices will be open for business through Friday, Aug. 4. On Aug. 4, computers will be moved.
  • MSE will remain in their MS offices and open for business until Wednesday, Aug. 9. Faculty and staff will not have access to files, materials, etc.
  • MSE will move into SB, Room 201 on Thursday, Aug. 10, sharing space with BIT.
  • Sharon Ipes, MSE’s Achievement Coach, and Nora Mendoza, MSE’s School Advisor, will remain in MS until Wednesday, Aug. 23. They will both move to SB, Room 201 on Thursday, Aug. 24.

To Prepare for Major Renovation, Max Salazar Hall Furniture Inventory Begins
In preparation for the Max Salazar Hall renovation project, a team will be conducting an inventory of all furniture in Max Salazar Hall. The inventory process is occurring on Fridays for the next few weeks. Classes in session will not be disrupted, and all personally-owned furniture must be identified with a clearly visible sticky note saying “NOT CNM PROPERTY.”