Saul Carrasco: 2015-16 Distinguished Faculty Member Award Winner

Mr. Carrasco, a full-time faculty member in the School of Health, Wellness & Public Safety, has been the long-time Program Director for Diagnostic Medical Sonography and is viewed as a leader in the sonography community. He sets high standards for his students while meeting and exceeding their high expectations of him.
Saul Carrasco: 2015-16 Distinguished Faculty Member Award Winner

May 16, 2016

It is Mr. Carrasco’s philosophy that a student under stress will not meet expectations. By using non-traditional instruction methods, he limits stress as much as possible in order for the students to balance their time in the classroom and at the clinical sites with the demands of their outside lives.

Mr. Carrasco believes that student success includes employment. Many graduates from his classes are employed, not only in Albuquerque, but nationwide. In order to meet the demands of the changing diagnostic medical sonography field, Mr. Carrasco maintains his credentials through continuing education, as well as meeting the standards set by the Joint Review Commission on Education in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Mr. Carrasco leaves an indelible mark on his students by investing himself in their success.