Reminder of Enhanced Educational Benefit

October 30, 2014 -- CNM is committed to the growth of its employees both academically and professionally. With the Spring Term and registration coming up, remember eligible employees have educational benefits available to them.

Jul 17, 2015

Staff members not covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and full-time faculty who meet eligibility may take advantage of the enhanced educational benefits. See more here for details.

Human Resources, Business Office, Cashier’s Office, Information Technology Services, and Payroll are currently working collaboratively to refine the educational benefit process. This will include better service to participants by providing emails to participants through the use of an automated system. As this process is implemented, participants will receive emails regarding the status of their requests as it pertains to their waiver and/or reimbursement request.

For detailed information regarding the new policy, please refer to the Employee Handbook section 6.01. Employees covered by a CBA should refer to applicable CBA for more information regarding their educational benefit opportunities. For additional questions, contact the Human Resources Department at 505-224-4600.