RecycleMania to Kick Off in February

November 30, 2016 -- For the fourth year in a row, CNM is participating in the national RecycleMania Tournament, which will kick off in February. Instructors and students are being sought to take part in a multi-campus competition to see who can recycle the most per capita. As part of RecycleMania, the college will also be trying to reduce its general waste by promoting reuse of mugs and bottles for coffee and water. Among activities planned between Feb. 5 and April 1 are:
RecycleMania to Kick Off in February

Nov 30, 2016

  • Education Expo: Waste Management will be on campus the first or second week of February to educate the CNM community about “how to” recycle. There will be a competition for teams to decorate Sol the Suncat cutouts with recyclables gathered from campus. The winning team will receive prizes.
  • Mug shots: The objective of this activity is to promote the use of reusable coffee mugs and water containers instead of cups or plastics as a normal behavior for students and employees. Students and employees will be encouraged to take photographs of people holding their reusable mugs or water containers and post them on flyers with a “mug shot” title on social media and campus bulletin boards
  • YouTube video competition: There will be a YouTube video competition on “how to recycle” at CNM for both Spanish and English speakers. The winning video will be posted on CNM’s sustainability website and may be used for other sustainability-related purposes.
  • Latin Love Fest: This is a sustainability collaboration between CNM and the National Hispanic Cultural Center (NHCC) geared towards extending our sustainability initiatives into the community, specifically for large-scale events that are notoriously difficult to keep green. This year we want to kick-off Recyclemania by providing recycling services at the Latin Love Fest on Valentine’s Day. CNM faculty, staff and students will volunteer their time to manage the recycling portion of this festive night full of music, dancing and community celebration. How can you help?  Get your students involved. Spread the word and consider volunteering for the Latin Love Fest. For more information, contact Molly Blumhoefer at 224-4000, Ext. 52392 or, or Maria Deblassie at 224-4000 Ext. 51085 or Volunteers will receive free admission, but spots are limited.