Presidential Fellow Fang Chen to Speak at TEDxABQ Education Event

February 24, 2015 -- CNM Presidential Fellow Fang Chen will be one of the speakers at the TEDxABQ Education Event on Friday, March 27, from 1-5 p.m. at the African American Performing Arts Center.
Presidential Fellow Fang Chen to Speak at TEDxABQ Education Event

Jul 17, 2015

TEDxABQ events highlight remarkable ideas from New Mexico’s most passionate artists, thinkers, innovators, scientists and others. The 2015 education event will delve into some innovative visions for education in the next five years and the future of training and learning in New Mexico for upcoming decades and beyond.

Chen is spending the 2014-15 academic year studying a transformative curriculum design that is gaining traction nationally – competency-based curriculum. Her topic will be titled “Moving Education from Time to Competency: The Potential of Competency-Based Education.” 

“For centuries, we have been comfortable with an educational system that is represented by buildings with classrooms, clocks on the walls, buses that bring students back and forth, 180 days, from 7:30 3:30 p.m., from fall semester to spring semester, from first quarter to fourth quarter, from grade 1 to grade 12, from freshmen to senior, and so on,” she said.

She says the 21st century is yearning for a new vision for public education –  “an education anytime, anyplace, anyhow and at any pace.”

“This model holds great potential for higher education as well as for K-12,” she said. “I will talk about what competency-based education is, how it is different from traditional education and how it has transformed higher education practices.”

Tickets for the TEDxABQ Education Event are now on sale for $40 for general admission and $20 for students. Tickets and additional information on TEDxABQ Education can be found at

Bill Meador, instructor in CNM’s School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences, is part of the core team organizing the March 27 event. Angie Alley, CNM communications instructor, is helping to coach all the speakers.