Planning to Hire Soon? Be Aware of Winter Break Deadlines

Sep 25, 2019

Human Resources (HR), Budget, and Payroll collaborate to arrange a well-organized process for hires and postings prior to Winter Break. In order to ensure postings and hires are processed in a timely and accurate manner, the following deadlines are in place. 

Staff & Faculty Requisition Requests
All new posting requests must be sent to HR to be added to the vacancy report on or before Friday Nov. 15, to ensure they are approved at the Nov. 19 Executive Team meeting. To ensure postings are published prior to Winter Break, staff and faculty Requisition Requests are to be submitted in Cornerstone to HR (accurate and complete) no later than Dec. 3. Prior vacancy report and executive team approval is required. If the submitted request is not accurate and complete it will not be considered.

Job postings may remain open for applicants to apply during Winter Break. All requisition requests must be accurate and complete to include appropriate approvals, including but not limited to – vacancy report, and/or approval(s) from Executive Team, etc.

Hiring Proposals
Faculty and staff hires for the Spring Term must be submitted in Cornerstone to HR (accurate and complete), no later than Nov. 11. Intersession hires will be processed as needed. Staff and faculty hires submitted after Nov. 11 will be processed after January 1, 2020.

New Employee Orientation
The last daytime New Employee Orientation for 2019 will be held on Monday, Dec. 2. An afternoon faculty-only NEO will be held on Dec. 2.