Penny Mortier: 2015-16 Distinguished Faculty Member Award Winner

Ms. Mortier has worked as a part-time faculty member in the School of Adult & General Education for many years. She is dedicated to student success, which is apparent in her interactions with students.
Penny Mortier: 2015-16 Distinguished Faculty Member Award Winner

May 16, 2016

Ms. Mortier often works on curriculum projects and has been collaborating with other schools and departments to support English as a Second Language students in college-level and vocational training courses. She feels that excellence in teaching demands that instructors actively search out ways to do things better and not just settle for doing “more of the same.” 

Ms. Mortier reflects on what students need and how she may effectively assist them. She is willing to discard what doesn’t work and is open to using new approaches. One of her passions is exploring how to teach language and basic academic skills within the context of workforce and career education, in order to help students learn new skills that will lead to meaningful employment. She has participated on many teams and committees over the years because she believes in the importance of contributing to her department and to CNM’s overall mission.