New Wellness Path and Tech Loop Added to Main Campus

April 27, 2016 -- A healthier CNM community and a more robust technology infrastructure are the expected results of the recent completion of the Tech Loop and Wellness Path that skirts the perimeter of Main Campus. A lap around the Wellness Path is 1.2 miles.
New Wellness Path and Tech Loop Added to Main Campus

Apr 27, 2016

“The concept of a wellness path has been advocated for and discussed for much of CNM’s history, but limited funding and other priorities have, until now, prevented development of such a facility,” said Richard Mazon, special projects administrator for the Office of Information Technology Services (ITS).

And while consideration was being given to a wellness path in 2012, it became obvious that CNM’s decades-old Main Campus underground copper and fiber optics cabling systems for campus data and voice communications had become obsolete and were in need of replacement.

Luis Campos, executive director of the Physical Plant Department, recognized that the proposed route of a new fiber optics system roughly paralleled a possible route for a wellness path and identified an opportunity to combine both projects. ITS and Facilities collaborated on a joint proposal that was approved by CNM’s Governing Board in 2012.

By 2013, the CNM Main Campus Technology/Wellness Loop Project was approved by the New Mexico Department of Higher Education for $3,496,246, funded by a combination of bonds.

The design phase of the project began with the project kickoff in February 2014. The design team included stakeholders from all areas of CNM.

“The design elements developed for the two-pronged project were intended not only for Main Campus, but for possible incorporation on other campuses in the future,” Mazon said.

Another opportunity to combine aspects of separate projects in order to be more efficient was recognized by the Physical Plant Department when the $3.7 million Sight and Safety Improvement Project (Wayfinding) came along. It was designed to create safer routes for students to enter Main Campus at Basehart Rd. and University Blvd., and to improve signage to make it easier for students and visitors to navigate the campus. It was completed before the start of the Fall 2015 Term and incorporated some aspects of the Tech Loop and Wellness Path.

Due to some common objectives among the three projects, CNM was able to combine aspects that overlapped, which resulted in more efficiency, faster implementation, the creation of a fourth wellness station and overall savings to CNM.

The new fiber optic system that was part of this project will allow CNM to continue expanding in the future

“It’s not so much that we expect to add more computers,” Mazon noted. “But other devices like wireless transmitters will expand, and this new system will accommodate that.”

Marvin Martinez, the Physical Plant manager for the project, said that tying the Tech Loop, Wellness Path and Wayfinding projects together allowed Physical Plant and ITS to work as a team to get all three projects completed together.

The wellness path meanders around the perimeter of CNM’s Main Campus and has themed stations: wellness, intellectual, occupational, environmental and emotional. Signage is located at each station with exercise suggestions and tips. Plant sections at each station are made based on their symbolism to specific dimensions of wellness. Furnishings inside each shade structure include lounge chairs, picnic tables and seat walls. Also, there is music-making equipment at each of the four stations.